The Company Termoplast SNC was founded in 1979. Specialized in components for sanitary fittings, initially with products in plastic, over the years it has expanded its product range by adding metal items with the most diverse surface finishes, from chrome to gold, copper, satin chrome and so on.

The experience gained over decades of activity and the increasingly perceived need to save a precious water has led to the creation of what we consider to be the flagship of the company’s production: the Anti-limestone Water- Saving Aerator “Terla FreeLime”.

The Terla FreeLime Aerator is available in a wide range of water flow rates from a minimum of 1.7 liters / minute which, if compared to the normal first equipment aerators which have a water consumption ranging between 15 and 24 liters / minute, allows a huge water savings and energy for its heating, with an unparalleled user comfort. The jet of Terla FreeLime Aerator is very soft and comfortable, so as to make it extremely pleasant to use.

A prerogative of Terla FreeLime Aerator is its resistance to limestone. Even in the most “difficult” areas where the presence of water containing lime affect quickly the proper functioning of aerators, the Terla FreeLime Aerator far exceeds any rosier duration prediction. Only precaution, a periodic, energic brushed on the water outlet grid with an ordinary toothbrush and the Terla FreeLime Aerator as good as new.

Recently the range of Terla FreeLime Aerator was further increased with the addition of Terla FreeLime Constant series, with a constant water Flow rate, and Terla FreLime NoAir series without aeration, useful in comunities or hospitals to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in the air, retaining the savings water and enjoyable use.

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